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Best Email Marketing Company in India :

Email marketing campaign is an another form of direct marketing, where where emails receive in your database from which you can show your another campaign, it is a new way of creating awareness to your busines s. Industrial online marketing is insufficient without mass email marketing a nd coherent database for services. From a small company to a huge corporate, everyone is leaning to direct email marketing campaign for clients business tone retirement to diversification league.

Aimax Provider is one of the best Email marketing firm with immense timely ROI (Return on Investment) Prospect. Aimax Provider prunes costs effectively in Email marketing solutions to stretch out wider, distant & diverse clientele. we have upper hands over the complete catalogs of online marketing propaganda.

Benefit of Using Email Marketing :

Email marketing campaign has already taken the place of direct mailers. Rather than spending your time & money on creating print marketing campaign that ends up with dusty mailbox, now you can combine your email marketing campaign efforts with social media marketing. With the help of your email marketing instantly you can see which link is been clicked, how many subscribers have forward your mail to their friends.

E-mail marketing also provides you with social networking button such as Facebook Like, Tweet, Buzz and Google Plus to your message and it is an easy way to share with others. Another benefit of email marketing is you can check how many people have unsubscribed your emails and can identify bounced email addresses. With the help of this report you can see that which marketing tools are useful for you and through this you can improve your reach.


    Widespread usage of it

  • More than 1.4 billion E-mail users worldwide
  • Online adults use email of 91 percent

    It is effective & affordable

  • There is no cost for postage/printing
  • Return of Investment (ROI) is $43 for each $1 invested
  • 37% of retention rate

    You can Use E-mail to

  • Increase site traffic and get more visitors
  • new sales lead Generates
  • Retain customers
  • Other communication needs
  • Educate an audience
  • Build your company brand

    Addition of other great benefits are

  • Measurable
  • Adjustable
  • Immediate

Aimax Provider's Local Store E-mail Marketing:

    Complete Solution of local store E-mail marketing

  • Welcome E-mails for all guest in each location.
  • Within the charge of anniversary and Birthday Programs.
  • Complete detailed reporting of local store segmentation and setup of it.

    Complete Solution of local store E-mail marketing

  • Expert team of dedicated & skilled design team.
  • All campaigns analysis in detailed reporting.
  • Consultation & strategy each step with professional.
  • All E-mails will have copywriting & content.
  • Data Entry in each location and sign-up slip printing.

    Professional Guidance @ Your Service

  • Coordinator of each client in E-mail marketing.
  • Expert support whenever you required.
  • Strategies that will not end at initial setup phase of guidance.

    Unlimited Services in Flat Rate

  • Unlimited anniversary, birthdays & welcome E-mails.
  • Unlimited strategies & planning for marketing support.
  • Unlimited list of customers.
  • Unlimited E-mail volume for every month.
  • Unlimited best standard sign-up.

Choose Aimax Provider for E-mail marketing and we will provide you better service and strategies for email marketing which will be focused to your bottom-line. Enough fluff let's talk about E-mail marketing!

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